1. Action Pistol
    • Starting on January 7th we will start our monthly indoor matches. We will sign up from 10am to 12pm cost will be $5 first run $3 reshoot. You can shoot rimfire, pcc, and handguns. No ammunition over 1400fps and no lead bullets (except rimfire). 
    • We will have one stage on our indoor range, the round count will be any where from 35-45 rounds so have enough magazines please. We will not be using electronic scoring we will score on paper. If anyone has any questions feel free to email or call me. 
    • Thanks Sam  724-866-3991
  3. Indoor Benchrest League, Biweekly, January 2, 2018
  4. Public Trap Shoot, Saturdays, 9 am-noon
  5. Bullseye League

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